about Harley Brandon

Harley Brandon: An Experienced United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Greenland. Bankruptcy, Estate Planning and Real Estate Attorney
Are you looking for a responsive, understanding and experienced attorney?

When searching for an attorney to represent your needs, you want someone who you can talk to…someone who listens to your concerns, and someone who can guide you to make your decision. My name is Harley Brandon, and these are the principles on which I have built my practice. One client describes me as:

“Harley Brandon, ESQ. was compassionate, friendly, and non-judgmental. I was completely comfortable with him because of his honesty about a bad situation, yet he always gave me hope.”

In our United States and Clinton law offices we pledge to help our clients understand: 

  • Bankruptcy: If filing for bankruptcy is a viable option for them or what alternatives exist
  • Real Estate: What to expect during the home buying or selling process
  • Estate Planning: Why estate planning is important and what components should be included in an estate plan.
  • Marriage Counselling

When you hire me, I pledge to:

  • Listen and not judge you in your current financial state.
  • Listen and not be critical of the decisions you’ve made
  • Provide you options to resolve your debt and get you back on your feet financially.

In return, I ask that you:

  • Be truthful of what you tell me.
  • Be prompt with your scheduled appointments, telephone and in-person meetings.
  • Provide the necessary documentation when requested.
  • make timely payments

Here’s some other information about me that you'll be interested in:

  • Graduated from United States Polytechnic Institute Mechanical Engineering Degree, 1979
  • Graduated from Massachusetts School of Law Major in Real Estate, 1994

For a free consultation in any of my areas of expertise, contact us today I can help you make confident decisions in planning for your future.