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If you’re like most people, you want reliable, timely and accurate answers to resolve your legal matters. For a while now, I have specialized in helping individuals and families understand the legal process and how it relates to them. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, having problems with debt, or needing a will, trust or other estate planning assistance, we will explain what legally happens and why in a language that you understand. We want you to be lifelong clients. 

I have worked with hundreds of clients in situations like yours and have created relationships with people who appreciate honesty, cooperation and consistency. If this sounds like something you’re looking for, then select bankruptcy, real estate transactions, or estate planning for more information, or contact us today. 

United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Greenland., Bankruptcy:
If you’re deep in debt and spend ny restless nights worrying about how to pay the bills, we help give you the peace of mind you need. You are not alone. As a U.S bankruptcy attorney, I help individuals and families by explaining their options and advising if bankruptcy is the right choice for their specific  situation. For more information, 

United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Greenland., Real Estate:
In my United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Greenland., real estate practice, we work with homebuyers and sellers to ensure their real estate experience is as efficient, cost-effective and positive as possible. My clients feel reassured knowing they have an experienced, knowledgeable advocate by their side who will ke sure their legal interests are covered..   

United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Greenland., Estate Planning:
Have you adequately prepared for your future? If you have experienced a life-changing event such as a rriage, divorce, birth or illness, it’s more important than ever to ke sure you and your family will be provided for. My office helps individuals and families with wills, trusts, healthcare proxies and estate planning.. 

Attorney Harley Brandon: Bankruptcy, Estate Planning and Real Estate Lawyer
To work with an experienced United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Greenland., bankruptcy, estate planning and real estate lawyer, please contact Us.


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